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Homeautomation: programmable Buttons from the junkcontainer #1

I really like to take a look at the junk container to find something useful. This time I found a 3×3 button matrix partly containing LEDs you can see here below (I’ve already cut the pcb to fit my 3D printed case):

The buttons have a nice pressure point, I could play with’em all day long. I really like mechanical interfaces, because I don’t like touchscreens for simple interfaces. I don’t need to fire up my phone or have a look at the screen to see what I am touching. This way I can control the whole room without even having to take a look at the interface.

Next step was to take some measurements and create a 3D model, so I could see how my case would fit. For creating 3D models I got stuck with OpenSCAD ( I like programming/coding, so OpenSCAD is easy for me (although it get’s very complicated sometimes, but IĀ like the challenge). To simplify the process I always draw the model on paper first before I create it with OpenSCAD.

First draft in OpenSCAD:

I wanted some keycaps, here they are:

Now I could design a case for it, here is the result in OpenSCAD:

And here is a 3D printed protoype (the orange case has been printed on a 3Dator, the white keycaps have been printed on our modified Makerbot, both in 0.1mm layer height):

Next steps are:

  • Design mounting plate
  • Fit a microcontroller with CAN in the case
  • Connect it to the CAN bus and program it šŸ™‚

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